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Faceted Unakite Necklace with Pewter Sun Pendant
This handcrafted unakite necklace measures approximately 22 inches long. The pewter sun pendant with Celtic knots measures approximately 1.5 inches long by 1.25 inches wide.
Handmade Unakite and Antique Copper Necklace
This handmade unakite necklace measures approximately 20 inches long.
Unakite and Antique Copper Necklace
This beaded unakite necklace measures approximately 29.5 inches long.
Unakite and Bali-Style Sterling Silver Necklace with Hill Tribes Fine Silver Hammered Pendant
This unakite and sterling silver necklace measures approximately 23.25 inches long. The Hill Tribes fine silver hammered hexagon pendant measures approximately 1.81 inches long by 1.61 inches wide.