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Sodalite and Bali-Style Sterling Silver Bracelet
This gemstone and sterling silver bracelet measures approximately 8 inches long.
Sodalite And Hill Tribes Fine Silver Necklace
This sodalite and Hill Tribes fine liquid silver necklace measures approximately 19.5 inches long.
Sodalite And Pewter Necklace with Large Sodalite Nugget
This handmade beaded gemstone necklace measures approximately 23 inches long.
Sodalite and Pewter Necklace with Nugget
This handcrafted gemstone necklace measures approximately 27 inches long.
Sodalite and Puka Shell Necklace
This beaded gemstone and shell necklace measures approximately 26 inches long.
Sodalite and Silver-Plated Necklace with Chiming Harmony Ball Pendant
This beaded sodalite harmony necklace measures approximately 27.5 inches long. The harmony ball pendant is the size of a small marble, measuring 20mm, or approximately 0.79 inches in diameter.
Sodalite and Sterling Silver Necklace with Sterling Silver Fish Pendant
This unique gemstone necklace measures approximately 30 inches long. The sterling silver enameled fish pendant measures 55mm long by 45mm wide, or approximately 2.25 inches long by 1.75 inches wide.
Sodalite Bracelet with Twisted Rectangle
This beaded sodalite gemstone bracelet measures approximately 7.75 inches long.
Sodalite Necklace With Sodalite Flower Pendant
This handcrafted sodalite necklace measures approximately 28 inches long. The sodalite flower pendant measures approximately two inches.