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Rhyolite or rain forest jasper is said to be a protective stone. Change is an inevitable part of life, and rhyolite is said to give us strength and support in those times of change. Rhyolite allows us to recognize our potential, fosters problem-solving and creativity, strengthens our resolve, helps us to control anger, and encourages us to let go of destructive emotions that keep us from moving forward. It is a stone of action that gets those of us who tend to procrastinate to do what must be done. Rhyolite is believed to balance emotions, encourage creativity, boost self-esteem, promote feelings of self-worth, and foster acceptance. It is thought to enhance communication, perseverance, and problem-resolution. Rhyolite is associated with the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

The following article about rhyolite or rain forest jasper was written by Stephanie Pflumm.

ORE'S Featured Gemstone: Rainforest Jasper (Rhyolite)
by Stephanie Pflumm

I have been following the trail of this colorful green Rhyolite from Australia for at least seven years. It is a difficult trail, frequently mismarked and occasionally misleading.

First there are so many names for this one gemstone; Rainforest Jasper, Rainforest Rhyolite, Spherulitic Rhyolite, Orbicular Jasper and Marine Agate. Second, the crystal itself sort of defies normal definitions. It is like a Jasper with its vivid colors polishing to a sprightly shine, but really its a Rhyolite, except the presence of macroscopic Quartz and Feldspar grains makes it more like a Granite.

It is pretty safe to say that Rainforest Jasper came from a molten flow of magma. Specifically it came from a now extinct volcano about 120 million years ago. The thick rhyolitic magma that escaped from deep within the volcano was heavier and had a tendency to sink through lighter magma. As it settled to the bottom it would cool slower. Allowing spherical and phenocryst crystalline grains to grow together. The final result of this magma dance is a Rhyolite that contains macroscopic crystalline grains like a Granite and was eagerly adopted by the Jasper family. Rainforest Jasper can only be found around Mount Hay (today's name for the ancient volcano) near Queensland Australia.

This same process also caused gas bubbles to form which cooled quickly maintaining their shapes. These Rhyolite "bubbles" are called Thundereggs and often reveal some fabulous mineralogical treasures when cracked open.

Rainforest Jasper is a very young gemstone. Bert Kayes is the founder of the mining company that first brought to stone to market in 1986. The company had been mining Chrysoprase nearby since 1963. Discovery of Thundereggs and the unique Spherulitic Rhyolite at Mount Hay propelled the company's profits.

A luscious color of green with splashes of red, brown, yellow, creams and oranges reminiscent of a rainforest is how this Rhyolite got its name. While the gem may not have any relationship to a rainforest, you will find it is easier to ask for than a Spherulitic Rhyolite. The name that best describes the crystal.

Youth has not stopped Rainforest Jasper from quickly spreading its influence. In no time this joyfully colored Rhyolite has been carved into beads, fetishes, cabochons for jewelry, bookends and dozens of other decorative uses. Its many patterns and colors make it a visually appealing material to work with.

You can use the stone to bring to help bring more clarity to your dreams and goals. Working with Rainforest Jasper will teach you to recognize your full worth, capability and power to manifest your deepest desires. You'll also find it easier to persevere through the roadblocks that could divert you from your final goal. Rainforest Jasper will help you keep your eyes on the prize.

An excellent gemstone for protection. Set one at each of the four corners of your property, envisioning a loving green shield around your home that repels harmful energy. Carry one in your pocket as you travel through your day. Not only will you feel safer, but you'll find yourself less prone to angry reactions when confronted with an unpleasant human. Which, is a powerful form of protection, unnecessary anger is very bad for our physical health.

When you have difficulty achieving a meditative state, try working with a Rainforest Jasper. It assists with breathing, helping you reach a calm and relaxing level more quickly. Meditations with the special Rhyolite can open up communication between worlds. Many celebrate their ancestors as part of Halloween or Samhaim traditions. Rainforest Jaspers will work with you to make a more meaningful connection with loved ones and ancestors that have crossed over.

Do you have a tendency to avoid responsibility, putting off the things you know you need to take care of? Rainforest Rhyolite gently reminds you of the importance of taking care of business and provides guidance in completing tasks that aren't any fun, but have to be done. Like getting that new Tennessee driver's license.

Rainforest Jasper works very well on keeping the Heart Chakra clear and balanced. Not only does it help to promote a healthy heart, but it also protects your heart from harmful relationships. If you have a tendency to gravitate towards harmful relationships, this bright Rhyolite will keep you safe from unhealthy choices in love. It also seems to promote a healthy flow of energy through all Seven Chakra, aiding in removing emotional issues from your past that are creating physical blocks. Rainforest Rhyolite may also benefit your immune system helping you to fight of disease naturally.

If you are dieting, the gemstone will assist you in balancing your nutrition. Helping you make wiser choices in what you eat, and more importantly, how much you eat. Rainforest Jasper teaches the important food lesson that half a chocolate candy bar really tastes as good (or even better) than a whole one.

This information was taken from ORE Features, a publication written by Stephanie Pflumm, reprinted with permission.

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