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Ocean Jasper And Bali-Style Sterling Silver Necklace With Hill Tribes Fine Silver Sunfish Pendant
This beaded ocean jasper necklace measures approximately 29.25 inches long. The Hill Tribes fine silver sunfish pendant measures approximately 1.5 inches from head to tail by 0.88 inches from top to bottom.
Carnelian and Pewter Bracelet With Triangle
This handcrafted gemstone bracelet measures approximately 8 inches long.
Rose Quartz and Pewter Necklace with Cleopatra Egyptian Collar
This beaded regal rose quartz gemstone necklace measures approximately 31 inches long.
Tiger's Eye and Pewter Necklace with Tiger's Eye Turtle Pendant
This handcrafted beaded gemstone necklace measures approximately 25.75 inches long. The tiger-eye turtle pendant measures approximately 1.25 inches long by 0.75 inches wide.
Botswana Agate and Pewter Necklace
This handcrafted beaded Botswana agate necklace measures approximately 25.25 inches long.
Bali-Style Sterling Silver Necklace with Rainbow Moonstone And Rubies Sterling Silver Pendant
This beaded sterling silver necklace measures approximately 18 inches long. The moonstone and rubies sterling silver pendant measures approximately 0.75 inches long by 0.5 inches wide.
Rhodonite Necklace with Pewter
This beaded Rhodonite necklace measures approximately 24.25 inches long.
Smoky Quartz Faceted Cylinder Earrings
These faceted smoky quartz cylinder earrings hang approximately 1.5 inches from the top of the ear wire.
Emerald Green Czech Glass and Sterling Silver Necklace with Tribal Handmade Thai Silver Flower Pendant
This handcrafted beaded necklace measures approximately 24 inches long. It is made of emerald Czech glass twists, fluted rounds, and 4mm round beads separated by Bali-style sterling silver spacers. The sterling silver flower pendant was made by Hill Tribes in Thailand. It measures approximately one inch in diameter.
Faceted Black Cat's Eye Necklace with Pewter Elephant Pendant
This beaded cat's eye glass necklace measures approximately 18.5 inches long. The pewter elephant pendant measures approximately 35mm long by 24mm wide, or 1.38 inches long by 0.94 inches wide.
Light and Russian Amazonite Necklace with Pewter
This beaded gemstone necklace measures approximately 24 inches long.
Sponge Coral Necklace with Antique Brass Pewter
This handcrafted beaded red sponge coral necklace measures approximately 29.5 inches long.
Sodalite and Puka Shell Necklace
This beaded gemstone and shell necklace measures approximately 26 inches long.
Serpentine Bracelet with Pewter
This beaded serpentine bracelet measures approximately 8 inches long.
Peach Aventurine and Aragonite Necklace, with Trocha Shell Fan/Egyptian Collar
This unique beaded shell and gemstone necklace measures approximately 27 inches long.