Yellow Turquoise Necklace with Pewter Starfish Charms

Yellow Turquoise Necklace with Pewter Starfish Charms
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This beaded yellow turquoise and starfish necklace measures approximately 20.25 inches long. It is made of 5mm faceted yellow turquoise beads and pewter shell accents with seven pewter starfish charms in the center. The starfish charms measure approximately 23mm long by 19mm wide, or approximately 0.91 inches long by 0.75 inches wide.

Although there is a turquoise that is yellow, this material is not actual turquoise. There is much confusion about what the yellow turquoise flooding the markets today actually is. Some information on the Web indicates that this stone is called turquoise because it is usually found in the same mines as turquoise and has a similar matrix; however, the stone appears to be a mix of jasper, serpentine and quartz. It is a yellow with green, brown, black, and red matrix. The black in yellow turquoise is hematite inclusions. Yellow turquoise is believed to be a healing and protective stone that helps to improve communication, heighten intuition, and enhance creativity. It is said to promote wisdom, strengthen the bond of friendship, and help us to adapt to change.