Serpentine Bracelet With Pewter

Serpentine Bracelet With Pewter
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This handcrafted serpentine bracelet measures approximately 7.75 inches long. It is made of a variety of serpentine beads and pewter spacers with a serpentine flat oval on top of the wrist.

Although serpentine is commonly known as new jade, it is not a true jade. Nonetheless, serpentine has its place in the world of beaded gemstone jewelry. Serpentine is a calming and grounding stone, said to help find harmony and inner peace. Because of its calming effect, it is reputed to help in meditations. It is believed to ease depression, calm the mood, and make us feel in control, especially when we are trapped in a difficult situation. Serpentine is associated with the Zodiac signs of Virgo and Libra. It is the official rock for the State of California.