Coral Mountain Jade Necklace with Pewter

Coral Mountain Jade Necklace with Pewter
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This handcrafted beaded mountain jade necklace measures approximately 22 inches long. It is made of 4mm, 12mm and 14mm round coral mountain jade beads with a variety of pewter bead caps surrounding the larger coral mountain jade beads.

Mountain jade is a high-grade dolomite marble from Asia. It is permanently died into a variety of vibrant colors. Though it is not a true jade, it is often used in fine costume jewelry. Over time, mineral remnants of shells and bones of millions of small sea creatures were transformed into this marble. Marble is a grounding and balancing stone. It is especially helpful during times of change when life seems chaotic and uncertain. It gives us the strength and balance we need to handle the transformations that life must always bring our way.