Hematite and Pewter Necklace With Hematite Dolphin Pendant

Hematite and Pewter Necklace With Hematite Dolphin Pendant
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This beaded hematite necklace is approximately 27 inches long. It is made of a variety of hematite beads and pewter castings, with a hematite dolphin pendant. The hematite dolphin measures approximately 1.38 inches from nose to tail by 0.88 inches high.

Hematite is said to be a calming and grounding stone. It keeps us focused on the present and provides mental clarity. Hematite is believed to relieve stress, boost self-confidence, improve memory, repel negative energy, and even cleanse the blood. Hematite is associated with the Zodiac signs of Aries and Aquarius. It is given as a gift for the 11th wedding anniversary. Hematite is the official mineral for the State of Alabama.

Please note that Much of the hematite on the market today is synthetic, and it is very difficult to know the difference between natural and synthetic hematite. Although a synthetic stone does not hold the spiritual properties of a natural one, the main ingredient of hematite, whether it is natural or made in a lab, is iron oxide.