Golden Lip and Wood Necklace with Nautilus shell pendant

Golden Lip and Wood Necklace with Nautilus shell pendant
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This handmade wood and shell necklace measures approximately 21 inches long. It is made of square-cut golden lip chips and one-inch wooden bicones. The focal point is a nautilus shell slice with a wooden bicone above the shell. The wood and shell focal point measures approximately 3 inches long, and the nautilus shell slice measures approximately 2 inches long by 1.5 inches wide. The clasp on this necklace is made of a zinc alloy-based pewter. The fragile nautilus shell is coded with resin to protect it from heavy wear.

Seashells have been used in healing since ancient times. Shells are said to enhance intuition, heighten sensitivity, and fuel imagination. They provide mental clarity and help us to make wise decisions. Shells foster cooperation and teamwork. Since they come from the ocean, their energy gives us that serenity and well-being that we feel when we are surrounded by the ocean with its tranquil and peaceful waves.