Peacock Pearls and Bali-Style Sterling Silver Bracelet

Peacock Pearls and Bali-Style Sterling Silver Bracelet
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This beaded peacock pearl bracelet measures approximately 8 inches long. It is made of peacock fresh water pearl beads and Bali-style sterling silver accents, with a Bali-style sterling silver barrel on top of the wrist. These pearls are dyed to give them this iridescent peacock color.

Pearls are said to gift us with the serenity and tranquility of the depths from which they came. They are thought to provide mental clarity, increase confidence, calm the mind, balance emotions, relieve stress, and ease depression. They are believed to promote trust and to foster loyalty, honesty, and goodwill. Pearls are one of the birthstones for the month of June, and they are the mystical birthstone for the month of November. Pearls are associated with the Zodiac signs of Gemini, Cancer, and Sagittarius. Fresh water pearls are given for the 1st wedding anniversary, and pearls, in general, are a gift for the 3rd, 12th, and 30th years of marriage. Pearl is the gemstone for the states of Kentucky and Tennessee.