Faceted Yellow Quartz, Lemon Quartz, And Pewter Bracelet

Faceted Yellow Quartz, Lemon Quartz, And Pewter Bracelet
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Bracelet 150
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This handcrafted beaded quartz bracelet measures approximately 7.75 inches long. It is made of 4mm faceted lemon quartz beads with a faceted yellow smoky quartz on top of the wrist, and 10mm faceted yellow quartz beads. The quartz beads are separated by pewter spacers. The yellow smoky quartz faceted square on top of the wrist measures approximately 16mm, or approximately 0.63 inches.

Lemon quartz is said to encourage creativity, relieve depression, help with communication, promote joy and happiness, and eradicate negative thinking.

Yellow quartz is a healing stone, believed to foster harmonious relationships. It is associated with the Zodiac sign of Gemini.

My quest for knowledge about lemon quartz and yellow quartz has not ended, and if you have any information, I'd love to hear from you. Much of the yellow quartz seems to be heated to enhance its color. Citrine is a type of yellow quartz, and it is often heated. However, these beads were sold to me as yellow quartz, not citrine.