Faceted Unakite Necklace with Pewter Sun Pendant

Faceted Unakite Necklace with Pewter Sun Pendant
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This handcrafted unakite necklace measures approximately 22 inches long. It is made of 8mm faceted unakite beads and pewter castings with a pewter Celtic sun pendant. This pewter sun pendant with Celtic knots measures approximately 1.5 inches long by 1.25 inches wide.

Unakite derives its name from the Unaka Mountains on the borders of North Carolina and Tennessee in the Southeastern United States, where it was first discovered. Unakite is a healing stone said to balance emotions and lift the spirit. It helps us to live in the here and now, and allows us to let go of negative emotions such as anger and grief so that we can move forward and grow. Unakite increases self-confidence, and it gives us the courage, strength, and determination to take charge of our own destiny and to take control of our lives. It is even believed to unveil dishonesty. Unakite is associated with the Zodiac sign of Scorpio.